Honey & Hive cookbooks are designed to be a collaborative gift between friends and family. What does this actually look like? Think of the love child between your Facebook page (edited content, of course) and a Julia Child episode, in book form.

So, why is this the best gift ever for a wedding? Well, let me explain.

Because it’s not as time-consuming as that idea from Pinterest.

What makes this process great is we take care of the project management for you. (Forgive us for using the jargon – but basically, we do all the grunt work.) This means we contact your contributors, provide them with a unique link to submit their pictures and recipes, send reminder emails, design our template with your style and pictures, and ship it right to you. So much easier than that organic-photo-collage-bench-cover you re-pinned four months ago.

Because A Target Registry toaster oven doesn’t quite do your friendship justice.

You’ve known each other for years. You’ve shared thousands of laughs, late nights, good meals, and maybe even a couple cocktails. Your gift should speak to those times. There are many ways to do that – and a collaborative cookbook is just one of them. It just happens to be our favorite.

Because no one actually wants corn cob skewers.

We’re in an interesting time. Minimalism is increasingly popular. People are getting married later, and often live together before marriage. Their houses are established. People aren’t registering for ‘stuff’ and they want things they can use and engage with on a regular basis. So when it comes to gift giving, we need to be more intentional. This is what we hope to provide – A gift that will be used and loved.

Because a KitchenAid Mixer costs are as much as the plane ticket to the wedding.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in love with my mixer. And they’re a fabulous gift, but they’re not exactly affordable. Wedding cookbooks are designed to group gifts, which mean if you have a 150 dollar cookbook divided amongst 10 people… well, I’ll let you take it from there.

Our books are lovely, tailored, and as unique as your friendships. Give our process page a click around and see if a Honey & Hive cookbook makes sense for your upcoming wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc. Got a question? Reach out! We’re here and happy to help.