How It Works

Select Your Friends

You’ll share an email list of selected friends and family. We’ll prompt them to submit their recipes.

We Design the Book

You select the template, upload cover photos, and we do the rest! We’ll share a draft cookbook for your input.


After collecting the recipes, we’ll print and ship you a beautiful, useful book the recipient is sure to love.

“There is no physical item that could possibly bring together so many beautiful friends, special memories, kind words, inside jokes, and delicious ideas.” – Whitney Wiegand Flores

Why People Love Us


Let us worry about the logistical stuff. We collect the recipes, design the book, and print and ship. You rest easy.


People want more meaningful items in their homes. These books capture little moments from big lives from your select group of friends and family.


Unlike some gifts, these cookbooks are used for years to come and capture generations of family recipes and memories. (And they come with a PDF, just in case!)
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“I am not a particularly crafty person. (Honestly, I have virtually no craft in me.) Honey & Hive enabled me to create a personalized gift for two of my greatest friends. Eleven of us were easily able to contribute to this cookbook, simply submitting pictures, our favorite recipes, and notes online. The book was artfully put together, with quotes from the couple’s wedding song and the book even matched it to their wedding colors! Overall, a very simple process and high quality, thoughtful product.”

-Amberine Huda

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